Visage By Marie-Claire

The Basic Acne Kit

$97 $120

This package is for anyone suffering from mild inflamed acne. It’s designed to combat and kill acne bacteria.  It prevents further breakouts and mild scarring. Suitable for oily, normal and combination skin. (If your acne is severe, please consider “The Advanced” acne kit.

Package contains 3  products:

  • Gentle Cleanser, Hydrating Moisturizer, Acne Cream 2.5% (contains Benzoyl Peroxide)
  • Detailed instructions on how to use products
  • The “Acne Bible” contains diet and lifestyle suggestions
  • Products are paraben-free

We suggest that you do not use any other skin care line while using this system. Please understand that there is no cure for acne. You can only manage it.

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