Acne-Safe Foundations

When you are acne-prone it is essential that you avoid makeup that have pore- clogging ingredients. For a long time, I have always suggested Bare Minerals Matte (must be the matte one). It’s amazing for acne-prone skin and remains my favorite. I get so many emails from you asking about other brands you could try. Well, without further adieu---drum rolllllll


Maybeline Fit Me + Poreless Matte -This is great for acne-prone dolls with oily skin. I wore this for over a month and had no breakouts.

L’oreal Infallible Foundation - This is great for acne-prone dolls with oily skin

Maybeline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation- Great for acne-prone dolls with dry skin, or battling dryness from using acne products. This will get you over the hump.

HIGH- END BRANDS - Currently researching, come back in about 4 weeks :)

Working on a list of concealers as well (drugstore brands).